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April 16, 2010 Blog!!!

No updates to be had really. We haven't been able to start paiting the house yet cos it Finally decided to rain after a 2 1/2 month drought and now it won't stop. Its been raining for seven days straight as of today, Tuesday 4/13. We get periodic spots of sunshine from 10 min to 2 hrs but no longer than that. I guess this is more "normal" weather for the area, but its not helping me get my house painted. Just the primer white.

I'm not selling any baked goods as of yet. I'm finding that I'm better at breads than I am at the sweet stuff and I want to get better at them. I'd also like to try my hand at some pastries. SO looking for coook books on breads, cookies, muffins, pastries, and the like. ;-) Besides I'm not going to start selling stuff until I get my own oven, which will probably get done once we get back in June.

There has been a chnage to the 'schedule' of the Paul and Gina tour the east coast of the US. :-) Ha Ha...We were trying to fly the kids into West Palm as its closest to Darrell and Nikol's but the tickets ended up being $300 more than if they flew into Orlando, so Orlando is what we booked them on. They will be flying in on the 21st taking A day from them and they only had 4 to begin with. So I took A day from Rhode Island as it had the most days spent in one location. We also needed to switch the VA and NC trips for various reasons. So here's the new 'schedule' below. :-)

May 17 - Arrive in Miami, Darrell and/or Nikol will be picking us up
May 18 - Heading to Orlando, Mel will be picking us up from D&N's
May 19 - Leaving Orlando for NC, Christi will be picking us up
May 20 - Heading to RI, driving in the jeep from NC to RI
May 27 - Heading back to NC, "home base" will be at Christi's in North Raleigh, but we'll be taking overnight bags everywhere we go. ;-)
June 1 - Heading to VA, staying with my dad
June 6 - Heading back to Orlando from VA
June 10 - Heading to Melbourne from Orlando, staying at Wid's house
June 15 - Heading to Sebastein, staying with Aunt Rosie and Uncle Ken
June 17 - Heading to Ft. Pierce, staying with Darrell and Nikol
June 21 - Kids arrive in Orlando
June 22 - We leave for Dominica

Love and Miss you all!! See you NEXT MONTH!!!!!


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