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April 16, 2010 Blog!!!

No updates to be had really. We haven't been able to start paiting the house yet cos it Finally decided to rain after a 2 1/2 month drought and now it won't stop. Its been raining for seven days straight as of today, Tuesday 4/13. We get periodic spots of sunshine from 10 min to 2 hrs but no longer than that. I guess this is more "normal" weather for the area, but its not helping me get my house painted. Just the primer white.

I'm not selling any baked goods as of yet. I'm finding that I'm better at breads than I am at the sweet stuff and I want to get better at them. I'd also like to try my hand at some pastries. SO looking for coook books on breads, cookies, muffins, pastries, and the like. ;-) Besides I'm not going to start selling stuff until I get my own oven, which will probably get done once we get back in June.

There has been a chnage to the 'schedule' of the Paul and Gina tour the east coast of the US. :-) Ha Ha...We were trying to fly the kids into West Palm as its closest to Darrell and Nikol's but the tickets ended up being $300 more than if they flew into Orlando, so Orlando is what we booked them on. They will be flying in on the 21st taking A day from them and they only had 4 to begin with. So I took A day from Rhode Island as it had the most days spent in one location. We also needed to switch the VA and NC trips for various reasons. So here's the new 'schedule' below. :-)

May 17 - Arrive in Miami, Darrell and/or Nikol will be picking us up
May 18 - Heading to Orlando, Mel will be picking us up from D&N's
May 19 - Leaving Orlando for NC, Christi will be picking us up
May 20 - Heading to RI, driving in the jeep from NC to RI
May 27 - Heading back to NC, "home base" will be at Christi's in North Raleigh, but we'll be taking overnight bags everywhere we go. ;-)
June 1 - Heading to VA, staying with my dad
June 6 - Heading back to Orlando from VA
June 10 - Heading to Melbourne from Orlando, staying at Wid's house
June 15 - Heading to Sebastein, staying with Aunt Rosie and Uncle Ken
June 17 - Heading to Ft. Pierce, staying with Darrell and Nikol
June 21 - Kids arrive in Orlando
June 22 - We leave for Dominica

Love and Miss you all!! See you NEXT MONTH!!!!!

April 1, 2010 Blog

Hello All!!! No April Fools here; I really Am blogging today. LOL! Sorry I didn't blog the last time we went into town, but with the upcoming traveling that Paul and I will be doing (+ the kids as they'll be coming back to Dominica in June for a 2 week visit :-)); so I just didn't have time to blog.

SO....updates! Still sanding and priming, but just one more day of that and we can Finally start painting! We bought the paint last time we came to town. So excited to see some color on this adorable cottage of ours!!

My garden is doing lovely. Had to Really plan for this time around for planting as we won't be here for 5 weeks. Mom has alreday agreed to water the plants and if I planned right, my garden should be bursting with harvest when we get back in June with the kids. :-) That'll be SO nice! And my garden has grown. Its no longer just 3 likkle rows. Oh no. I now have 6 rows and a whole hillside! For true! :-)

I have been baking too. Yep at Amie's (as we do not have an oven...its true and it sucks...for now...). I'm at Amie's 1-2 times a week. I bake a couple of loaves of wheat bread (+ one for Amie) and some tastey treats as well. I Was looking to see the tastey treats in a few of the local shops in Belles (Ilma's, Teresa's, Felisha's and maybe Meggans too), but it seems I keep running into various birthdays and other 'special occassions' that so far I haven't been able to sell. ;-) I made some flat bread on the grill last week. Its was ok....a big learning lesson tho and I'd def like to try it again. I also made some pita break last week and that turned out Wonderful! Even LT, Amie's man, loved it and wants Amie to learn how to make it. :-) I made a fabulous baguette a couple of days ago....along with a homemade pumpkin soup (using the fresh pumpkin right out of Leena's garden). So good!! Who would have known that I could bake? LOL! Eventually I hope to go from creating to selling.....I'd Really like to have my Own oven....dammit....in time....everything in time. :-)

Paul is doing some work 'on the side' bringing in some extra cash. Nice!! Its just a couple of days a week to help Moe (she owns River Rush - she is seen in the photo with Paul dancing in the streets during Carnival). Anyway she owns a Fab place (you really should google the place - River Rush in Dominica) and the woman needs some serious help...getting things done. Its not easy being a white Woman and owning your own business, especially a higher end place like hers in Dominica. People here don't like to "take orders" from the white lady, so she's finding some difficulty in getting things accomplished, not to mention she's getting sucked dry financially by people taking advantage of her and the situation. So Paul is gonna try and help her own. We know A LOT of people now (I'm not saying we're all that, I'm just say'n...LOL) and "we" can certainly help her out. Not to mention the extra cash will be extra nice! His first day 'on the job' will be this Saturday. I'll keep you informed. :-)

More good news!! Our 2 1/2 month drought is over! Finally! We're not getting our typical afternoon rains all too often, but we've been getting good nightly rains for about a week now (so soothing to hear the rain on the roof...puts me right to sleep). And we got one good solid day of rain. Our spring is still only tricklinig, but the rivers are starting to flow again. We were at a point where we had to adjust our water line/hose from the reservoir every day as we were running out. Its true. But the flow is back to normal with that and my garden is super happy!

We are moving forward with using Peace and Love as rentals. We now have a package deal with mom's massage that includes an overnight stay (typically in Peace and includes dinner and continental breakfast). We just had a couple do the package deal (our first) and it went very well! And this way we can use Unity for the cooking (as originally designed) & put off the restaurant thing....at least for now. When we return in June we'll move forward with the cook shed for smoking meats and start back up the grillin in the village gig. I mean realistically we may never have an actual restaurant if we can make $$ this way. Why spend all the money to build a place And have to be there ALL the time, if we don't have to? :-) So we shall see.....as usual I'll keep you informed. :-)

OH! For those of you who know (and have prob Tried to hep resolve), the shocks for the car have been found on island! They are Super expensive, but found nonetheless. Of course now we're having some transmission issues now (figures) so we need to fix that first and then we get move on to the shocks. I wonder if it wouldn't just be cheaper to sell this car and get a newer one. Sigh....easier said than done of course...in a third world counrty and all....In the mean time the car Is driveable and so we continue to drive. :-)

Well that about wraps it up for me! I hope that you all are doing well. Rhode Island Try to stay dry.....sorry you're going thru all this nasty weather. Wanna get away? I got a Great spot for you! ;-)


FINALLY another blog!!!

Hello everyone....I know its been a while!!! Tell me about it!!! And actually its now going to be even less, which is a good thing and a bad thing as it means that mom and Kirk are going to be going into town every other week....we'll be taking turns!! NICE!!! Trust me!! Roseau is HOT and shopping day isn't a day full of fun thats for sure, so its nice....tomorrow (today being Wednesday March 10, 2010), mom and Kirk will be going into town and Paul and I will be staying home. Alone. The FIRST day that Paul and I will be alone on the property. No builders, no parental units. Niiiicccceeeee!!!!! SO that also means that internet time with be bi-weekly now. But then again we ALL know by now that doesn't mean a whole lot in the whole sceme of things; I get online when I get online and thats about it. LOL!

I have nothing prepared as I usually do so I'm just gonna wing it and just provide a basic update if I can. Right now I'm at Carolanne's, updating pics on Facebook and writing this to you all. Mom is doing a couple of massages and the 'boys' are home. :-)

Well, the house is done being built!!! The actual building process is done! We still have some sanding to do, shelves to put in and painting, then we put in the plumbing and electric and we can move in!! The paint color sceme has changed. Not sure if I told you that yet or not. Anyway, light blue will be the house, pink shutters and door with purple/blue and yellow accents. Shocking to you all, this was not my idea....altho I LOVE it!! Uncle Ken had given Paul a shirt with a cute little bungalow on it and those are the colors...and its adorable! Can't wait to paint and show you all!!! Please DO check out (all 100 pictures) of the house progress. I know its a bunch, but I wanted you to see the actual progress and what can I say, I take the opportunities when I can to upload. Know what I'm say'n? ;-)

Other pictures posted (posting) today are Carnival pictures, which are also a must see! Sorry...again, I take advantage when I can. The first day of Carnival is the Monday before ashe Wednesday. Since I'm not religious I really don't know much about that part of it, I just know about the partying and there's a lot of it before Wednesday! Monday we met our ride, Teresa and Seaboy (and friends) at 5:00 AMM....thats right 5:00 AM!! We made a couple of stops along the way for various parties, that I suspected had been all nighters, and picked up a few more people along the way. We're in Roseau by 7:00 AM and you wouldn't belive the amount of poeple already there!! You gotta check the pics!! Jue Ve is the costume day as I like to call it. The 'typical' is men dress up as women and women dress as men. We saw maninly men as women in that regards, but we saw LOTS of costumes!! It appeared that the younger women preferred the girl crew costume sceme, all dressing similar. It was GREAT! Paul and I will DEF be dressing up next year!! We'll do the typical....as I don't really have a 'crew' LOL. I think mom and Kirk are going to join us next year too!!

I also posted pics from Tuesday where we saw one of the parades. It appears that both days are ALL day events...somehow some way....they can Party! All day and all night. I don't know how they do it! After Jue Ve morning, Paul and I went home and crashed. Crashed I tell you! But there was a parade that day too. Yeesh! We Did make it to the parade on Tuesday tho and that was incredible! Kirk and mom said that it was the best one they've ever been too. Lots of costume and floats and 'crews' from all over the island. I promise a real treat if you check out the pics on Facebook.....or anywhere online for the matter! Check out Dominica Carnival 2010 and see for yourself what we saw!!

As for G.L.O.W wear...nothing's really going on. We have our stuff at a few spots, but without those spots being in very touristy spots (which they are not) they are slow selling. So until I can change that, which I can't right now, it is what it is. So production is very sparatic at this point and is usually for personal or gifts. :-) Amie has cable and an oven so I mainly see her by hanging out at her place instead of her coming to mine. At least for right now. :-)

Uhh...Grillin in the Village is also at a stand still. We don't really plan on doing anything with all that until we get back from the states. Paul is going to build a smoke house (hot and cold heat) and we plan on incorporating that into a business. Small. Start small and see where that takes us before committing ourselves to a restaraunt. you check? ;-)

Really we're not doing much of anything but working on the house getting ready for us to actually move in and doing some landscaping and what not. Business wise, we're not gonna do anything until we come back in July. Its time to take a deep breathe anyway. We've been going strong since we got here. We're gonna take it all in right now.

OH, my garden IS doing well. Silasee helped me start another one and now its quite extensive. I'm growing enough for us and to sell at market. Why now? We'll see what happens. As Silasee says nothing is garaunteed to grow and produce so we'll see. :-)

Paul and I are both reading about Zen living and Toaism (thanks to Johnny for the books...I'll write you soon about them ;-)). I see us as calmer people and taking things as they come more easily. Its nice. We're incorprated meditaion into our...I'd like to say daily lives, but thats just not true...a few times a week. :-) Which is a lot more than we ever did before. LOL! I hope we can make time for it when we're back in the states.
Speaking of!!!! Below is the "schedule" that we put together for our five weeks in the U.S. Of course all "plans" are subject to change as go with the flow, but still this fits as many people as we can all over the freakin' east coast of the United States. LOL!

May 17 - Arrive in Florida
May 19 - Leave for North Carolina (pick up Jeep)
May 20 - Leave for Rhode Island (22nd is BIG graduation day!!!)
May 20 - Arrive in Rhode Island
May 28 - Leave for Virginia (Hi dad!!)
May 28 - Arrive in Virginia
June 2 - Leave for North Carolina (what up my peeps! can't wait to see you all!!)
June 2 - Arrive in North Carolina
June 7 - Leave North Carolina
June 7 - Arrive in Florida - Orlando (Melie Mel!! & Lisa! & Jax!)
June 11 - Leave Orlando
June 11 - Arrive in Melbourne (my family)
June 16 - Arrive in Sebastein (Aunt Rosie & Uncle Ken!)
June 18 - Arrive in Fort Pierce (my girl Nikol...& Darrell & Sisco & Donna & & & & lol)
June 21 - Kids fly into FL
June 22 - Departure date (peace out!)

WHEW! We tried Very hard to give everyone equal time as we realize that we may not have quite done it that way before we left the states last time.
Hello Everyone!!! I wanted to first comment that altho I haven't sent any more notices regarding it, Paul and I have been official non-smokers since December 27, 2009. ;-) Just thought you might want to know that we have stuck with it this time. Yay!!!

I want to share with you the process(es) we've gone thru to build our house, which still isn't quite finished. First thing is to decide on concrete or wood. Lots of houses, especially along the coast, are being built of concrete, but we're living in the Bush as they say (which is like in the boonies I'm guessing) and most houses are made of wood here. We then chose a builder and discuss whats included in that. For example is the use of his truck to haul in supplies included (we buy the building supplies and bring it to the property and therefore that cost is seperate from the actual cost to build, you check?). In our case with Denny the truck is not included. The cost is $100 EC (about $40 US) to carry load from Roseau to the property, using Ken or Ross. Ross is for lumber and such and Ken is for heavier loards like terrish or gravel. The builder examines the site and by that time the paths have been formed as well as the steps leading to the site. The land (area) has been cleared and ditches for proper drainage have been dug. Denny, our builder, says its a good site and when work begins. In the mean time we've hired Ross to cut the wood to build our house. Ross must first go to the Forrest Ranger to buy a tree to cut down (or locate one that has fallen). The Forrest Ranger picks the tree, marks it and we pay him. Then Ross will wait until the moon is right (I believe that its either 3 days after new moon or full moon....) to cut the tree to ensure that the wood does not rot and bugs do not get to it. Then the tree is cut into the # of pieces at the various lengths and sizes like 4X4s, 2X4s and such with a chain saw right there in the forrest. Then the lember is hauled out and delivered. The wood is HEAVY and THICK. Its like no other wood I have ever seen! I am incredibly impressed that Denny can ever drive a nail thru it! I swear! Once the nail is in thats it. There is no taking it back. The wood is like granite. So then the wood has to be treated (careful of the rain) and brought down to the site. We hired Ken to bring sand, terrish and gravel down to make paths and steps and such. We hired Ross to bring the plywood (which also has to be treated), steel rods (for the pillars) and bags of cement (for the pillars). Now the actual building can begin. Denny starts by tieing off where the pillars will go as there are a total of 9 of them, 3 in the back, 3 in the middle and 3 in the front. The 3 rows are all at different heighst as we are building on the side of a hill (of sorts) so the back 3 pillars will be shorter than the front 3. The cement is poured into wooden casings forming the actual pillars. Then the frame is put on, then the rafters for the roof, then the galvanize for the roof and finally the plywood floor and walls are put in and up. the walls of course have the windows and door cut out. This is where we are now. To come, to complete the house, the deck has to be built on the front and the framing around the windows and the door done as well as putting up the windows and the door. Then we get to paint!! I believe Denny will be coming back in a couple of weeks to finish! SO EXCITED!!! As you can see its a little different here; the whole building process that is, so I thought I'd share. ;-)

We live in a bird sancuary. I mean it. I'm gonna go ahead and list ALL the birds that we see every day living in Zen Gardens. Its a lot.
TONS of finches, bull finches (Lesser Antillian Bullfinch), Pearly-Eyes Thrasher, Trembler, Troupial, Chestnut-bellied Cuckoo, Forrest Thrush, Bananaquits (Sookey-yay...is the local name for the bird and thats how its pronounced), Grassquit, Blue-headed Hummingbird, Green throated Carib (hummingbird....rare to see), Antillean Crested Hummingbird (my personal favorite), Purple-throated Carib (also a hummingbird), Ringed Kingfisher, Little Blue Heron (we see them cos the river on the property), Green Heron, Great Egret (occassionaly), Sharp-shinned Hawk, Broad winged Hawk, Imperial Parrot (Sisserou) and Red Necked Parrot (Jacquot...pronounced Jacko...I see more of them than the Sisserou).

These are the birds that I see everyday. Its like Zen Gardens is a bird sancuary. They seem to fill the Belles Valley, and the fact that they are safe here (meaning they won't be eaten by human or animal) and we feed them, theres a ton of them! ;-) The locals are usually pretty amazed the 1st time they come to our place for a visit. They can't believe how tame the birds are. Some of the finches will eat right out of your hand! At Peace Place we have one female finch that I have named and have been feeding everyday. Her name is Lola. You know the difference between a male and a female as the female is a light brown. The males actually change colors and also start out brown, but start to darken making them almost like a brendal color and finally they end up being black with a red chest. I'll be posting pics of all so that you can see them too. ;-) Its really quite cool. When I'm finally able to upload again, check the "Bird Sancuary" file. :-) Every morning is greeted with Lola. She usually starts 'jumping' on the bed by 7:30-8:00. She wants breakfast. Stale cookies or sugar. At Unity ALL teh birds come out. We have a stand that gets food periodically thru out the door, but 1st thing in the AM especially. Finches, Bananaquits, Thrashers, Tremblers and Hummingbirds every morning WILL be seen up close and personal. Its incredible!! Yesterday I layed on top of Meditation Rock staring up into the Puadoo Tree (sp?...thats how it sounds) with its white fluffy flowers and 100s (ok....at least 50....and I Mean that!) of Hummingbirds and Bananaquits in the tree dining on the delectable treats above. I could Not believe my eyes. I could have laid there for hours watching them. When your here...theres so much to see....all the time. Peaceful. Magical in a way. I love it here.

Well our Grillin the Village (G.I.T.V.) has taken yet another turn. I'm not sure if I mentioned last time or not, but our friend Silasee lives at the other end of the village (as your entering Belles) and he told us that a guy by him, Idian, has a little place that he's try'n to start up and he's interested in us having an event at his place to get it going. Niiiicccee! Looks like we're getting some type of notoriety of sorts. ;-) In the mean time, Kathleen, she's on-again, off-again with Kerwin and she recently opened up her own place down the street from Ilma's and her place is the new happen'n place in Belles (which isn't saying much LOL). Anyway, she's throwing an event this Friday and has hired a drum band to come out and play. February is Carnival and so she starting up her own vestivities. :-) It should be quite the fet! SOoooo, she asked Paul and I to do our G.I.T.V. at her party! Who-Hoo! Really very cool of her cos she normally does her own grilling. She must be expecting a lot of people. Yay!
OH!!!! Do you recall me telling you about the girl crew that has been hating on Amie and Rosette (jealousy)? WELL, last Friday night we were all hanging at Ilma's and in walks 3 of the girls and they walk right up to Amie and Rosette and I'm thinking Uh-Oh, but then I notice them smiling and laughing. And then I see Nora (one of the main girls) hug Amie and tell her that she's got no problems with her! WOW!! Break-thru! So I'm not sya'n everything's all better, but things are def getting better! Yay! I hope this means that Amie and Rosette will come to Kathleen's on Friday. They should....now. Kathleen was one of the 3 on Friday night. Kim's sister was the other one. Kim (a guy), her brother, committed suicide last week by drinking some weed poison; just several days after the birth of his daughter....his seventh child....and with another woman from his main woman....and living in the same village....it is what is said to have sent him over the edge. Sad. I assume that his death had something to do with the reconciliation? That and the fact that Kathleen is losing customers as Amie and Rosette didn't feel comfortable hanging at her new place and so they go to Ilma's and anyone wanting to hang out with them (me and Paul for 2 people)and their boyfriends go to Ilma's too. You see? Maybe it was a bit of both. I'd like to think that its more Kim - maybe that'll help give some reason to his senseless death.

Peace, Love and Pork Grease to you all (As Emeral says, prok fat rules! LOL)

Today is January 27, 2010 ;-)

Its been so long since I blogged last I almost don't know what to say. I haven't done a lot of writing lately either so I don't have anything funny or extreme or otherwise notely worthy. Well....extreme....Haiti. Its terrible. We have many Haitians living in our village. All have either lost and/or have someone missing. They actually came here to Dominica, a third world country, to Make money. In Haiti the average daily pay is $2 US. Here its $30 EC which is about $12 US. When we have workers come to help us on the property we pay $50 EC a day which is $20 US. The young Haitian men living here send every penny back to their families in Haiti. So sad. We didn't feel a thing here.

I guess I can provide some updates. The house is close to being done and ready to paint! I know! I can hardly believe it myself! Denny (our builder) is taking some time off of working on our house to start another project. We were waiting on the rest of the wood to be cut (which we have now) and for the deck screws which are coming from America (Kirk has a friend comeing on the 15th and he's bringing the screws with him, yay!). The windows and the door still need to be done as well as the porch/deck/whatever, but we have all walls and a roof! We could technically sleep in our house now, but we're not quite yet. I did upload a bunch of pics to Facebook last week. If you haven't seen them you gotta check them out!! More pics to come (of course). :-) We plan on painting the house a two tone - blue on the bottom and green on top. It'll blend with the surrounding colors and yet allow the other colors to stand out. You'll see....and understand when you see it. ;-) We're going to do the trim in yellow (with some accents of black and white) of stars, suns, and moons around the windows and the door. Like the flower work on Peace and Unity, but stars, suns, and moons instead. :-) You'll see!!

As you know Grillin in the Village has been post poned until after the house is done being build and painted and we're all moved in. We did do an event at Ilma's tho. It was village fest weekend the weekend before last. Sunday is supposed to be the big day so thats when we set up and it rained ALL day. And I'm talkin about RAIN.....ALLLLLLL day. Ilma was nice enought to allow us to bring all our stuff inside her place to sell and I even bartended most of the night too. :-) But Ilma's husband, Henry wouldn't change the music and so he ended up driving off a lot of business. Blah. I don't think we'll be doing that again. In the mean time, Silasee (I have NO idea how to spell the man's name, but that's how it sounds...and he's a cool ass...guy :-)) told us about a guy living down by him and some rastas that wants us to do an event with him. He's a younger guy who has a small shop with drink and music and he's looking to get something started, but can't do food. Sounds reasonable. So Carnival starts Feb.12-13 (I think) and IF we do anotehr event before the house is done, then it would be then. Sure would be nice to actually make money instead of just breaking even (I know I shouldn't complain about breaking even either).

My garden....as soon as the FEW veggies in the 1st and 2nd rows are picked (4 carrot, 1 turnip. 1 raddish & 1 green bean plant) I'm gonna turn over the rows. Nothing seems to be growing well in them so its time to start over. As for the 3rd row my cucumbers and watermellon are going Crazy and I even have some squash and zucchini. Nice right? Yeah my 3rd row is doing really nice. What I need is a grow table! Dammit! Everyone has one, especially in Belles cos it rains so much (it IS the rain forrest and we Do live on Wet Area Road).

So thats the update on the house, Grillin in the Village and my garden....anything else? OH!! G.L.O.W. wear (Girls Leading Our World)! We went to Portsmouth on the 15th and sold $120 worth of stuff AND put some stuff in a boutique there (on consignment with a 10% fee, not bad). We also sold $70 worth of stuff at Urmean's gift shop AND we put up a bunch of stuff for sale at the Calibishi Tourist Center. I'll have to take picture of our stuff on sale at these locations. :-) OH....AND Joan who lives down the street is going to be setting up a stand to sell hair care products in Roseau and she said she'd sell our jewelry at her table too. Nice!! That starts next week!

The main discussion right now other than the comepleting the building of our house, is the future restaraunt....and aminly its location. I'm not sure about its being on the property cos we live on a dead end road and there's no real reason for anyone to come down it unless they live there or are farming there. Ya know? I hear ya on creating a reason for them to come, but the road is also pretty bad and you can't even get a bus driver to come down it. You check? So...we're examining other possabilities with our limited budget. No decisions will actually be made until we return after our trip back to America. We're looking at the end of the year to make the final decision and start That building process. So I've heard several people ask what we are doing here. Well, we're building our house right now and after that we'll be working on building a restaraunt which will then take up just about all our time. I hope that clears things up? We plan on specializing on food from all over the world; international cuisine. :-)

Ok, my peoples....I'm gonna wrap this up and hope that this has provided you all the updates you wanted. :-) I miss you all and look forward to seeing you in May...or June depending on how it all falls in line with our trip. :-) We'll be in America from May 17 - June 22. See you then!! MUAH!!!!!


The longest thought ever.....

Hello All -

Welome to another week's blog!! I call this one the longest thought ever cos of the length of this one. So pull up a chair and get comfortable. :-) By the way, no pics....again. Christmas day at Carolanne's was hectic enough. Wasn't able to upload the damn pictures. I don't Even know when now and I won't give you some false dates, just know that I AM trying. :-)

Saturday night was THE BEST night!!! Honest to God!! THE BEST!! I could Not even believe the amount of people that showed!! I swear! The most people I have ever seen congregate in Belles thats for true! Everyone came!! Well not the "white people"...LOL, but then agian the party wasn't For them, it was for Belles and Everyone in Belles came out for this party!! We ran out of food which I Knew we were going to anyway especially after I started hearing everyone talking about it! Even Cobra made an appearance and Everyone knows Cobra....black, white, asian, it don't matter....everyone knows Cobra. He should be the Minister of Tourism or something. He does the Indian River tour (a Must when you come to visit) and he's got a likkle tiki bar at the end of the boat ride. He's setting up a gift shop now and said that when its done he'd like to see some of our GLOW wear jewelry (which I'll get into later). Nice, right?! So it was a Real fet! Started at 5 pm with a 1/2 carton of chicken legs and thigs (about 30 peices), a big pot of Fish Broff (our way) and 3 dozen hot dogs. By 7pm we were running very low on food. Oh well....Ilma made plenty of food and I'm sure made plenty of $$ too!! ;-) I feel kinda bad about running out of food, but...free is free and thats all I can say about that. Anyway, no one seemed to be pissed about it....I think everyone was just happy they were given a reason to all come out and party together! :-) At least I hopes its like that. :-)
Even the 'gang' of girls was nice to me. Yeah theres kind of a crew of girls that consists of (as far as I can tell), Nora, Noreen (they are sisters), Kafrine (its actually Kathrine, but prnounced Kafrine), 2 of her daughters ranging in ages of 17-21 and as of late (during the holidays), LT's exgirlfriend (of like 7 years ago), Natashe has been in town and causing trouble for Amie. Threatening to take her man, calling him all the time, calling her and Rosette names....you know stupid 20 something year old bullshit. Its really quite ridiculous! But the girls are winning; Amie thinks her man might be cheating (which he's not), Rosette is being physically intimated by them and I? I am...caught in the middle...now at least. They were mean to me too the last time we went to Ilma's. Just dancing like ON Top of me, trying to get me to move or to intimidate me. Of course I wasn't moving (I say with a smile)and they weren't intimidating ME! But this week was different....maybe it was just the mood....maybe it was cos I jumped behind the bar with Gloria to serve drinks and I served Them (with a smile of course)....maybe it was Paul telling Nora during one of his Sat afternoon outings with Kerwin, that I (me, personally) had nothing agaiant the girls, that their issues were there Way before I ever cam along....maybe it was the pork I GAVE to Kafrine when our food ran out (it was food Ilma had gievn to me to eat)...maybe it was the vibe. (BIG GRIN) But they were rather nice to me. And from what I saw they weren't being mean to Amie (Rosette wasn't there and I'm still not sure why at this time). Of course Amie was actualy SO miserable, you would have thought the girls were being the most mean they have had been! I think she was bringing a lot of that on herself and maybe it was cos I was being nice to them and them back to me? I could see how she may have been vex....appearing that I may have 'swicthed sides' of my allegence? Well Amie IS my girl. And she always will be. No one's gonna take that. :-) Amie ended up leaving around midnight, 12:30 and they girls left right after she did. LT did not go. I swear I don't even think that Natasha even wants LT. I think she just wants to get over on Amie. I think its about Amie and not LT. Sigh....to be 21 again. LOL! NO THANKS!!! LOL!!
As for GLOW wear....I was asking AMie and Rosette if we should have a brand name and mom mentioned that when her and Amie were doing their painting ting, that they used GLOW. First we live in Gleau Gommier which is like a subsidiary of Belles (Gleau means water in patio and Gommier is the main tree in the forrest next to our house). GLOW stands for Girls Leading Our World. What do you think? I like! I wish I was seeling enough jewelry to "hire" more girls! But I goota plan for that! After the 1st of the year I'm bringing Amie to Roseau with me and we're going to go into all the boutiques and see if they will seell our stuff. I already have a lead on 2 places and I Know one the 2 Will seell our stuff. I ho9nestly don't think we'll have a problem. We just gotta get our stuff out there! I plan on taking Amie to Portsmouth on the 15th of Jan to do the same thing. :-) We also have plans of getting Amie and LT hooked up with internet access (it reaches them but not us) and Amie has a laptop....and I think I'm getting a laptop soon too, so I plan on putting our stuff on EBay and maybe I'll even create a website! :-)Yep Yep! We got Some plans for Belles.
Which leads me to the location of the restaraunt. Sometimes I wonder about puttin it on the property. We are off the main road by like 2 miles...into the rain forrest basically. I got the locals basically chanting "if you build it they will come". I just dunknow sometimes. At the point the "plan" is start back up the Grillin in the Village (GITV) in March once the house is done. We're hoping that Ilma was SO happy about Sat night that we can continue doing the GITV at her place till we come back to the states in May. Once we get back and all settles in, we plan on starting back up the GITV, but this time on our property to really see if we build it they will come. We alredy have a concrete slab by the road at the end of the property that we could convert into a roadside stand of our own and we have electricty and we can sell the booze too. I am learning! Without US being the ones selling the booze, we won't make enough money off the food.....bottom line, so we can't have someone else doing that....and we Have to have music. So there it is! We will then see if they will drive that far 'in' to visit us. At the point the buses Rarely drive up Wet Area Road and I'm not sure if the local business will be enough. I guess we shall see.

Today is day 3. And tomorrow is day 4. Town day too. Making it day 4 when I post this. Could be day 5, 6, o7 maybe 7 by the time you read this. Paul and I quit smoking cigarettes. Again. :-) I think we can do it this time tho cos mom and Kirk don't smoke and most of our friends don;t smoke either. Then again I think they may not cos they can afford them. Even the local brand, Hillsborough, which ends up being like $1 US a pack! I know right?! Anyway, I had already been well on my way to quitting, not smoking as much as Paul. And then after the party on Sat night when we smoked too much cos we drank too much...well I just like shit....smelled like shit too....and Sounded like shit! And Then Paul lights one up First thing in the morning! He had four Before Breakfast!! Thats when I had had Enough! I pulled him aside and thats it and he agreed. So today is day 3. The 1st day was EASY! The 2nd day was....ok....if ALL the days were going to be like day 2 then this whole quitting thing wasn't going to be So bad...I don't some how recall from my previous 30 billion attemps that this only gets worse! Yeah day 2 and I'm telling myself....no, no...CONVINCING myself that THIS is as bad as it gets! LOL!! Do you know why this is SO funny? Cos its day 3. And its really not funny at all. Lets see...how would I characterize day 3? What word would I use? Cigarette? No...lighter! No...nicotine!...No...smoke! No....inhale! Ahhhh....inhale....nicotine....NO! DENIED! Thats the word! Denied! Which actually leads into...shut the fuck up....which I know is not a word nor a "characteristic", but I think That phrase Really captures day 3. Really sums it up in a nutshell. Don't get me wrong, I'm not giving up....oh, no....not this time! Nicotine wins then. Again. A-fucking-gain. Sorry about the language, but....you know they say that quitting smoking is harder than quitting heroin. Harder. Than heroin. Well ain't that fucking depressing. Again, I know. The language. Can't wuite help it tho. NOT today! Not on day 3 my friends! Check back with me on.....oh is it....day 11. I think thats when we meet again. So lets try again then.....and I'll tell you about Christmas, hows that? And by then, New Years Eve too.

Hoping you all have a wonderful and Safe New Years Eve! Till next week.....Much LOVE!!!


Hello All -

This blog will be like the last....basically just some thoughts I have jotted down...update on the house is that all the 9 pillars are down as well as stairs and paths covered with gravel and what not....building will start agian after the 1st of the year. As for Grillin in the Village, we are having our Big Holiday party this Saturday and we're going to be having it at Ilma's (the local "discotech"). We'll be set up outside of course. After this Saturday we will be post poning any more grillin until after the house is done which we are thinking will be around the March timeframe (which is when my dad will be coming for a visit :-)). As for my garden....sigh...its going...likkle by likkle. :-) Ok...on with the blog. OH!! Sorry about the pics....we stopped by Carolanne's and she wasn't there. :-( We Are going to her place for Christmas tho so I hope to post them then. Keep your fingers crossed with me. :-)

The weather has been cooler lately. Yes, even in the Caribbean the weather gets cooler in December. I don't think you want to know what "cooler" is tho. :-) A couple of nights I've worn sweats (apnts and top) - you gotta remember no heat or AC....all the windows are left open. Can make for a cooler shower as well and since the sun heats up the black piping for hot water, mid day is the best time for a shower. Its the breeze that hits you on your way back from the shower that kills me. LOL! And speaking of the shower, lets talk about the bathroom. The morning pee really sucks. Climbing up gravel covered stairs to make it to the lavatory just in time is No bien! But....what can you do? I know Some people are comfortable with the "pee bucket" - I am Not one of those people. Ohhh noooo....I don't like the idea of A) peeing in a bucket in the middle of the night, making the pee hitting the bottom of a bucket sound while my husband lays in bed only a few feet away (hey - thats just me) and B) the idea of a PEE BUCKET in My house - only a few feet away from where I sleep - where my Nose is...and maybe...actually....smelling it! NO! No, no, no. Again, thats just me tho. I amy (or may not) be weird about this one, but I don't care. No pee bucket. Well....at least not right now. Who knows of the future. But for Now, altho the morning pee sucks, I'll take it over the infamous "pee bucket".
OH....and running to the bathroom in the middle of the night....Black!...D-A-R-K!...is the night...anyway, running to the bathroom in the middle of the night, in the dark rain forrest....nekkid (:-)) IS, on the other hand, fun. :-) I'm just say'n. :-)

Well Paul has DEF made his mark on this village thats for true. Not thats much of a surprise, but he really is loved here. He's got his own "crew" already. Kerwin (of course...they talk Everyday...its like Kerwin is his new BFF ;-)), Reggie, Andy and L.T...and Seaboy now too. :-) Its funny cos mom has always viewed them as rather quiet, reserved guys, obscure, not readily available to anyone....unless of course you're Paul. Its Great! I went out with Paul yesterday (election day...the 18th) with Kerwin and Rosette joined later. We basically just drove up and down Belles, stopping at various places for a drink and giving people rides. It was cool. Just hang'n out. It was maily guys - thats where Paul is now. Relieved at 2 pm to hang out with his hommies until 6 pm. He's been So accepted - integrated (if you will) already into the fabric of this village! I love this village and everyone in it! Even the ones that drive me crazy. :-) Paul has said that he would never leave this village cos of the people in it and I agree. Its going to be weird being away from them for 5 weeks when we come back to the states. Its be Wonderful to come home to them. And we'll be bringing the kids too!! How Great that will be!!

I have a pink streak in my hair. Sure do. Pink streaks was something I always 'wanted' to do, but for various reasons never did. But being here in Dominica....well its ok. So I found some dye for $5 (as mom was mentioning wanting to dye her hair some "funky" color). Beacuse her hair is so much darker than mine, hers came out a reddish purple color. It doesn't look as bacd as it sounds. :-) Anyway, there was some dye left over and after being "triple dog dared" I ended up with a pink steak in my hair on the left side of my head. The next day it was SO bright and I wasn't so sure about the decision I had made. All I could think is "what have I done?!" But now it has faded some and I rather like it. :-) If my hair is down the pink is so subtle that you can barely even tell. When my hair is up is when you can see it the most and as I mentioned I didn't used to like it, but now I do...and Very much. I also have 2 dread locks in the back. Just like with the pink steak, you can't even tell when my hair is down. The light subtelty of both the streak and the locks is what I like about it. The fact that I can 'hide' it or show it off! I like the individuality of it as well. Somethings Dominicans really enjoy and express is their individuality....so I fit right in...well at leats in that respect. LOL!

Alrighty people....sorry to cut this so short, but I am finding that we are having some network issues here and I'm afraid that I may loose it if we try to hold out much longer. Not to mention I have not been able to send any emails or send any comments on Facebook today. Sigh....island life! I'll post this right now and if I can't do the FB or email thing, I'll try again on Christmas. Love to all of you!!! I hope that you all have a Wonderful holiday!!


Hello All!! It IS time for another Blog (and the crowd roars). :-) As I mentioned last time, I'm just going to post some thoughts I've written down instead of the old borning format. :-) I hope you enjoy. By the way, sorry for not posting anything last week....it was a bit of a rough one....long story and not worth getting in to. :-) Anyway, love to you all. Enjoy!

So...we went to Calibishie to upload some pics (I say some....only 200 of them)....so Urmean's computer's ports don't work so I can't plug in my camera to upload the pics. Great. BUT she has a guest with a laptop (Ken) who reluctantly agrees to let me use his computer to upload the pics, but it has to be going on in the background while he works and the upload has to be straught to FB (meaning All 200 pics in one folder)...ok...whatever...as long as I can Finally get them posted I'm ok with that. Know what I'm say'n? So an hour later? FB has timed out and the pics didn't upload. UUGGGGG! Are you kidding me?! To Carolanne's we go! Where we should have gone in the 1st place, but her place can be a bit crazy what with her elderly mother who suffers from Alzheimers and a 3 year old step daughter who has a mild case of Autism...soooo....anyway, off to Carolanne's we go! I upload the pics to her computer, size them up, put them into folders ready to upload......no internet service. Seriously?! I mean....really? Soooo....there's Really NO internet?! None at all? Not even a likkle bit? Well Mother F**ker!!! So That my friends is why there are no more new pics posted on FB. However, we're heading to Portsmouth (me, Paul, Amie and Rosette) on Thursday to go to Tomatoe's to sell our jewelry and we'll be passing by Calibishie so we're gonna stop in and I'm gonna try and post them.....Again. Hoepfully it'll be lickity split!

Yesterday was Thanksgiving. Of course Dominica doesn't celebrate it. We go into town on Thursdays cos the cruise ships and all so we did our very own Thanksgiving dinner on Friday. Dude. That turkey? No joke...the BEST freakin turkey I have EVER had! I'm not even gonna lie! Bobby Flay style I'm tell'n ya! Soaked in brine for 2 days and then smoked on the grill for 6 hours. O-M-G! I seriously have never tasted turkey like that. Even Kirk said it was the very best he had ever had. So tender....like the center piece of a rare filet mignon. Melt in your mouth. Of course we also had all the fix'ns too. Mashed postatoes, gravy, stuffing, green bean casserole (:-)) and a Devine cranberry sauce. Mmmmm.....for real! Ya Mon! Nice Nice Nice.

We're planning a Christmas/Holiday party. Yeah we're post poning our Grillin in the Village until after the house is done being built. Too much work is being done on Saturdays and we just can't do both. So we're expecting to start it back up in March. Anyway, we Are having a holiday party. The location is being decided upon now. If we use our usual location then we have to hire the guy with the generator for the music. LT and Amy offered up their place (as its also LT's bday) and Ilma (the woman who owns the place we all go and party sometimes) offered up her place too. So....I'm not sure which location it will be right now. I'll know for sure next week (as we're stopping at Ilma's and LT's later today). What our likkle village doesn't know about the party we are throwing is that all the food will be free. ;-) Our likkle Christmas gift to them. I love my village.

Yesterday was Paul's birthday! We went to Red Rock in Calibishie for the day. The 'normal' white people attended. The battery on my camera died shortly after we got there (figures) so there won't be many pics from the day. We had a Great day tho! Carolanne made Paul's favorite cake (Red Velvet which he hasn't had since our wedding). It was a surprise. Carolanne also gave him a gift card for some baked treats, Urmean gave him a bottle of wine and Michelle gace him a print of a painting she had done of the local parrot. Really nice!!! All in all, quite the nice day. The weather was Perfect and the view, spectacular! The 1st bday I can remember. LOL! No but seriously, the 1st bday we were in bed before 11 pm for sure! Since Paul's 41, you may think it has to do with his age, but anyone who knows him knows its only location. ;-)

Denny. Our builder. He's a good Christian man. Harworking, loyal to his wife and kids and of course his church. Denny and his family have been in Belles for.....well for alomst ever. Kirk was the 1st white man to move into Belles since the 1970s. At that time it was lumber companies here (white men - go figure), they didn't treat the locals very well (another - go figure). So after Kirk came, the missionaries came and they made sure that they sat seperately (in the church and when eating).....(shall I say again? go figure?) So the viewpoint of the white people hasn't been so great (I won't say it again....) Its been 'easier' for Paul and I cos of Kirk and mom being here for so long before us,paving the way if you will. But this ain't about that, this is about Denny. Denny and his family have been nieghbors but not 'friends'. They don't like our dogs. Dogs here are chained up (or many of the locals feel it should be so) and our dogs are 'free up'. Needless to say, there have been a few 'run - ins' over the years regarding the dogs preventing a 'friendship'. But now, Denny is our builder. We see him almost everyday. We chat. And laugh. And say "God Bless you" when he sneezes and watch him smile. We'er getting to know each other. And become....friends. He says the property (and I quote) looks like "the Garden of Eden". Imagine that. He says that our 'spot' over looking the river is so beautiful that he will build a house that can mirror such beauty. Well I'll be.....Its amazing to watch how the village 'unfolds' with our presense. How things change....and for the better. I trust that, I believe whole heartedly, that this will only continue as we become more and more embedded in the local culture; our likkle village.

That's all for now. More to come next week! And hopefully some pics will be posted to FB tomorrow!!! MUAH!!!
So below is the blog that I typed up the week before last. I thought I had accidently deleted it. So I left Cyberland in tears. I didn't come last week as we had to get our passports stamped at the police station and request an extension of stay. We were given a year!!! Unheard of!! They typically only give you 3 months at a time, cos everytime you get your passport stamped it costs $100 EC (about $40 US). Anyway....I was gonna type up some new stuff today, but I think I'll just post this one for now.....as I had intended on doing 2 weeks ago. :-)

I DO plan on doing my blogs differently in the future tho. This listing thing....with all the updates is just getting too boring for me. It makes blogging a chore which I don't want it to be!! So as of last week, I have simply been writing my thoughts down as they come and not at some scheduled time. I have found that I really enjoy it! So instead of the updates at they were, I'll just share a little of me with you. And you'll get the updates on the house, the garden, the beading and of course Grillin in the Village along the way. But you'll also get glimpses of what its like, for me, living here....and maybe simply just a little of me as I release whatever it is inside. I hope that you like it. :-) I'll include as much as I can from my 'notes' during my hour at the internet cafe. What I can't fit in.....I just won't worry about. :-)

I'd like to start today's blog by clearing the air a bit about any...misconceptions anyone may have about our future endevours here. It seems that I'm running into it a lot here with other "white people" (business owners mainly) and some of you in the states. We are not here to make a ton of money, to build some extravaggent restaurant that locals can not afford, catering to the tourists and white people. There are already plenty of places that do that. As a matter of fact just about all of our white friends own such businesses and I very much enjoy going to them, but I don't want one of my own. :-) We want a place that for the locals to hang out. Of course we want the tourists and the white people too and we'll get them as we already do with mom's massage therapy, but we don't ever want to Exclude the locals by making the prices out of their range (and by not engaging with them as so many "white people" do). And That my friends is why we are starting SLOW with our Grillin in the Village roadside stand on Saturdays only (for now). That And we won't start building the restaurant until the house is done and that hasn't even started yet (SIGH...another story...MONDAY is the day we start building the house...I'll go into that later). So we're Never going to have some swank place for dining or for rentals. Rentals you say? Yes....and yet another story for another time. :-) To me, by having such a place you exclude the local culture because they can't afford it and by doing that you miss out on the whole culture. So whats the point? There are plenty of islands that cater to the party people with all the resorts and what not, but this island is Not like that. There is no snadles resort. This is a place for you to go outside the norm. Leave all your judgements and stresses behind and take a walk in the forrest. Break away from any preconcieved notions about what a vacation should be, and lay on a veranda and watch the ocean waves or check out the same scene from the high cliffs. Go snorklinig, hiking, chceck out some waterfalls and Really get back to nature! I am Blessed to get to live this everyday! No matter how 'rustic' I wouldn't change a thing! I Love that we left all the materialism and consumerism behind! Keep'n up with the Jones' or evern modern thechnology is just too much for me. Always in debt; never ahead. I don't feel that way here or live that way here. It really is back to basics and I love it! Its a lot less stressful. :-) Around here nobody has anything and if you do you stick out and I already stuck out cos I'm white, so I don;t want to stick out any more than that. :-)

As for Grillin in the Village, our first day was Sat Nov 7th and it went ok. We learned a lot! :-) And we made our money back, but no profit. We will next time tho! So this is what we learned:
1) 1pm-4pm? Bad time. So it appears that Mon-Fri is when everyone is working for someone else (basically) so on Sat they work in their own garden or do their house cleaning and such. They don't typically end until about 4 pm - when we had planned to wrap things up. Figures. Also, 1-4 just so happens to be The hottest time of day! Especially at a roadside stand with no shade standing next to a grill. SO next time, we start at 5 and go until 9. We do the actual coooking and preparing at our house and then bring the food to the stand.
2) We need drinks or at least someone who will sell drink. Felisha said that she would handle it but then she didn't open until 4 (again....figures). Mom and Kirk really want to stay away from selling beer and such, so I think we're going to offer sodas and juice. Olay said that he'll take the initiative to sell beer at the stand next to ours! Great! He'll also provide music! Fantastic! by the way the music issue is the #3 issue. ;-)
4) We were selling meals. And meals are great for delivery or for a restaurant, but not a roadside stand. You check? (Its how Dominicans say "Do you understand?"). SO we're going to make up meals for delivery but we'll offer a-la-carte at the stand. Here's how it went. We offered 2 wings (with legs), rice and beans and a side of grilled plantain for $10. I was then asked "how much for 1 wing?" Well shit! I don't know. We're selling meals.....uuuhhhh.....well let me think about it.....how about $3? I'll take 2 she syas. Huh.....ok. And that's how we started to actually sell the wings. I now have about 30 wing that didn't sell that are in the freezer....which leads to #5.
5) SLOW people! We bought WAY too many wings for our first time. Enough for about 60 servings. Should have bought 1/2 that amount.
6) Vegetarians. Guess what? Theres a Lot of them. They wanted fish. Of course.
SO this Sat (by the time you read this, it was Last Sat), we're going to do things different. We're gonna start later, have drink, have music, have fish AND chicken (gotta get rid of the left overs :-)). We're getting the fish FRESH from Marigot (on the coast next to us).

Some addition to this.....as of today Dec. 3rd....we have decided to post pone Grillin in the Village until after the elections on the 18th. There is NO ONE and I mean NO ONE around in the village! They are all out boosting up their favorite politician. So our next day of operation will be Sat Dec 26th as we throw our Holiday Party! Little do the locals know, but I plan on hiring a DJ and giving the food away as a little Christmas gift to the village. Nice, huh? ;-)

So you know how we were paying Eidrese with 2 free meals? Well the stand is actually on Kelsey's property and Eidrese was supposed to be paying Him rent to use his land and she never mentioned this to us and of course Kelsey wants his share. Can't blame him. It IS his property that the stand is on. So we pay Kelsey $30 for the month. Now Eidese is all vex (pissed). On Sat when I told her that we were paying to Kelsey she says she's "not hungry" (meaning that she doesn't want free meals and that she needs money like Kelsey). She throws a fit with Olay (her son) and Amie (my friend) there. The end result? Well Paul and I went to pay a visit to Eidrese to pay her some money for her stand. At first she's pissy until we explain that we understand she's not hungry and everyone needs a "likkle" bit of money (to sound like a local - "t"s are typically silent - eg. Robertson would be Roberson, "tt" sounds like "kk" - eg little is likkle and "th" sounds like "f" - eg. bath is baff or broth is broff. If the "th" is at the beginning of the word then its pronounced with a "d". eg. them is dem). Kelsey deserves his $ for the land and she deserves her $ for the stand. So we pay her the same amount and she's happy. In the end we 'save' $20 a month. :-) Works for me and everyone is happy.

Got some more local drama. So Sat before last, after our first Grillin in the Village, we went to Ilma's (the discotech) with Amie, Rosette, Leanelle and his girlfriend Sharmain. Well long story short about a year ago Rosette and Amie had an issue with Nora and Noreen (sisters) and its been tension to say the least ever since. Anyway, the last time we went to Ilma's we were "tourists" so I think everyone 'behaved', but not this time. This time...we're locals. So here's what happened, Noreen is going out of her way to make me feel uncomfortable by doing this...what I call, the Caribbean Booty Bounce...similar to the American version of the booty bounce, but this takes on a rolling of the booty at the same time. It looks like some thigh action is involved? Anyway, neither here not there, the point is everywhere I look, there's Noreen's booty. I mean it was SO obvious and all her friends were giggling as she kept moving with my head. Anywhere I turned my head, she would move into place, almost forcing me too look at her. So I get it. I can't do that dance (Yet! Amie's gonna teach me ;-)) and she's showing off trying to make me feel uncomfortable and of course trying to get Paul to watch (which oddly enough he's totally oblivious to as he's just trying to hang out with the guys LOL). But I think it was great that she was doing that. It wasn't cos I was the white girl!! It was cos I'm friends with Amie and Rosette (which I confirmed with them)!! Nice! I'm a local. :-) Well end result? After some 'posturing' from a couple of the guys and the whole Noreen deal, we have decided that we'll just go to Ilma's sometimes. Maybe only once a month and only when L.T (Amie's boyfriend) and Devon (Rosette's boyfriend) are around. They work out of the village for weeks at a time. Amie and Rosette don't typically go to Ilma's without their boyfriends and now I understand why. :-)

House. Well Burtron finally showed up on Friday to give us a quote and told us he'd be at the house to start building the next day, but on Sunday he was leaving for Florida for a month. Everyone in town said that he isn't coming back. So on Tuesday we asked another builder, Denny (he's alos a neighbor, but we're not "friends" with him - he doesn't like our dogs), to stop by and give us a quote. Wednesday he gave us a quote almost the same as Burtron's (whew! we heard Denny was expensive, but better than Burtron). Thursday we told him we accept the offer so MONDAY (FINALLY) the building of our house begins!! Finally.

A likkle update on the house as of today, we have all nine of the cement pillars done!! Denny is on a 2 week vacation right now, but at this rate, I have NO doubts that our house WILL be done by the time we come back in May!

Well I gotta wrap this up. Sorry about the pics. The electricy was out all day at Carolanne's in Calibishi when we went to upload. Next time......which I am shooting for to be next Tuesday! Crossing my fingers on that. If you want to see pics, I am On;y posting them on Facebook. Its the only thing I have time to do right now. So Please open an account or check off of a friend's. I'll approve ALL friends!

OH...one more update. Me, Amie, Rosette and Paul will be going to Portsmouth (where Ross University is) on the 17th (which is the day of final exams) to sell some of our jewelry. Across the street from the college is Tomatoe's (they sell American food :-)) and the owners Whitney and Rob said that we could set up a table to sell our stuff. I am also friends with the Anatomy professor at the college and she said that she would post flyers all over the campus for me regarding the sale! NICE!!! Wish us luck!!!

TTYL!! Peace and Love to you all!!

November 5, 2009 - P -n- G in Dominica!!!

Hello All!! It IS time for another blog!! This one may be a long one....a lot has been going on! ;-) Lets start!

1) We finally went to the Disco Tech at Ilma's in our evry own little village of Belles. A village discotech is basically a small house looking structure with loud music, drinks and food. Like your 'typical' bar in a sense. :-) We went the Sat night before last. Paul and I decided to take a walk thu the village around 9 pm. We stopped at Amy and L.T's; they were having dinner but said they were going to Ilma's. So we walked down to the bus stop and were deciding what to do (go home, wait for Amy and L.T or just go by ourselves). Then Blackjack walked up with a couple of friends (Amy...a different Amy and Dicen a friend from Antigua), and told us to come with them to Ilma's, so we did!! :-) It was Great! Not something I'd like to do every weekend, but def every few weeks, maybe once a month. To show face. ;-) The music was LOUD. Mainly dance hall with some reggae. People dancing, drinking, having a good time! We hung out till about midnight. Amy offered to give us a ride home, but because the walk there was ok we declined. BAD IDEA! The walk there was so easy cos it was All downhill!! So it was an hour of uphill walking back home. Won't give up a ride again! Then again, next time we'll prob drive. After all mom and Kirk now want to go. ;-)

2) Creole in the Park! We attended last Thursday (hence we were in town on Friday last week). Creole in the Park is help at the Botanical Gardens in Roaseau and is an outside concert with vendors and what not. It was fun. Actually it was ok. The music was good, but the sound system wasn't. We went to get something to eat around 6:30 and all the vendors were running out of food! So that sucked. We ended up finding some fish soup and it was GROSE so I didn't eat it. We left shortly there after.

3) Creole Music Festival. Now This is a cool story!! So the festival starts at 7 pm. We headed to Mourne Bruce to watch the festival from up high and listen to the music from there. (see pics soon!!) No action. Seems like nothing is going on. So we ask a local when the music starts and it doesn't start until 10:30! And dtehre are 5 acts?! Holy Crap! So we got all dressed up to go home? Nope! We call Tia who lives in Wotten Waven which is about a 20 min drive from Roseau. He's the guy who has all the natural hot tubs, restaurant as well as some rentals. Its where J (my brother) and I stayed when we came to visit almost 8 years ago. Its also where mom and Kirk lived while they were building their house. Kirk and Tia have been friends for nearly 20 years. Tia is the one who built mom and Kirk's house and then used that $ to invest in his own thing which is ALL that he's got go'n on now. Its great for him!! Anyway, so we go to Tia's for a beer and see him and decide on what to do next. Tia convinces us that we have to check out the festival so we have some coffee. :-) At $120 EC a ticket, we hadn't planned on going in. Not to mention we were told that the 'real' party is on the outside with all the locals. So we're having some coffee when a table of Frech people staying at Tia's says that they bought 3 day passes for the festival and they went Fri and Sat so they didn't want to go. Seriously?! 3 FREE TICKETS!!! All we have to do is chip in and buy one ticket! AWESOME!! So we went and it was AWESOME!! Maxi Priest was the head liner. Nice, right? You WILL be seeing pics!! (hopefully next week?) The first band was WCK Band and they came on at 10:30 pm. WCK Band stands for Windward Caribbean Kulture. They are a young Dominican group. They are known as the "pioneers of Bouyon Music" which is like Caribbean rap I guess. They were good! High Energy! Next was Michelle Henderson who came on at midnight. She sings R&B, soul, jazz.....Very good! Amazing voice! Next on at 1:30 was Maxi Priest. He was good. Sounds the same. :-) After about a half hour or so we bailed. On at 3:00 was the Nature Boyz Band and then on at 4:30 was the Royal Cape All Stars. The whole show ends at 5:30 AM!!! On a Sunday!! Incredible! Tia laster told us that the party really started kick'n around 2:30, after we left. Yeesh.

4) Eric and Gina's. The Halloween party got canceled. :-( Bummer. Gina's friend in the states who was supposed to be coming down broke her ankle. Sucks. So no party. We ended up going over there anyway and having some dinner. It was nice. They have a super cute place with an Amazing view! The hike up to their house ain't easy!! But they're worth it! ;-)

5) House building. Still hasn't started. :-( Burtron is supposed to be there today to start the pillars . Not real sure why he didn't show last week or the week before. Probably a side job providing him cash on hand now. Anyway, I'm just hoping that he starts soon. I'd love for it to be done by the time was come back in May. I'm sure that Robertson and Olay are hoping that Burtron starts soon too as they both are focusing on the work. Ya know? OOOHHHH.....HUGE NEWS!!! Huge! Speaking of Olay.....he's the brief on him. He and his wife Cynthia live with their son Lester down the street from us. When mom and Kirk just got done building their house they had to return to the states. They left a guy names Thomas in charge of taking care of the house and property. Well during their 6 month visit to the states, when Thomas got drunk and ended up in jail. Without knowing Kirk or mom, Olay took it upon himself to take care of the property and house maintaining everything for no pay and no contact with Kirk about it. He just took it upon himself to take care of the white man's house for almost 6 months. Well olay and his family are like family to us! Any-way.....so Olay and Cynthis just had another baby! A boy!! Gary (pronounced Gar-ee) on October 20th at 9:00 am!! That's not the huge news tho. So at 6:00 am the phone's ringing off the hoook. Its Olay. He's tried calling for the ambulance 3 times and no one is answering and Cynthia is having the baby! (I too am taken off guard about phoninh the ambulance, but I must move on with the story at hand :-)). So mom take Cynthia to the hospital. She gets here there around 8:30 am and Gary is born half at hour later at 9:00 am! That's Still not the huge news! So Olay comes to me and Paul and says that he and Cynthia would like Paul and I to be Gary's God parents!!! He went on and on about how we're family and how we'll have a ceremony at the church and everything! Can you believe it? We are SO HONORED!! Of course I can't help but pick up something just about everytime I'm in town for my God son. :-) (grinning from ear to ear!!!)

6) Garden. I have beans!!! Little white flowers have now fallen and I now officially have green beans! Little mini green bean pods! You'll be see'n pics!! :-) I did lose a tomato plant. Bad transplant on the 28th. Its all good tho. I lost one of ten, ya know? :-) Its all a process!

7) EEKS! SO excited!! Our first Grill'n in the Village is THIS Saturday from 1 pm - 4pm!! Yesterday mom and I went up to paint Edreise's little stand (Island View as she calls it). I got some light blue paint on sale. The two wooden stands now look like a cloud blew up (or threw up), but it does look clean and nice! Perfect to be serve'n up some food from! Last Sat (and some on Sun), me, mom and Paul (just me and mom on Sun) went door to door with flyers telling everyone in the village about it! They seemed excited, but we shall see. No one has called to place any orders yet, but this is the first time...so.....agian we shall see! I'm excited no matter what tho! OH...our land line phone has been down for about 4 days. They are sending someone today to take a look. Thank God for cell phoens, right?! :-)

OK people! I think that's a wrap! At least for this week. I'm hoping to get some pics posted either next week or the following. Next week's blog will be more Tid Bits and some Patios vocabulary for you. :-) I'd also be so happy to take any questions. What do you want to know?! Just ask!!!

Love and Peace to you all from Paul and Gina in Dominica!!!